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Sisters of Charity - A Catholic Foundation in Higher Education at Seton Hill University

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2018 marks the centennial year of the founding of Seton Hill University. In honor of this great milestone, the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill Archives recognizes the contributions of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill in the grand history of the college. Over the past 100 years, Sisters of Charity in the arts, sciences, music, mathematics, and administration have labored on the college grounds in the footsteps of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Explore this online exhibit dedicated to their memory.

Early Beginnings reveals a brief history of the founding and charter of Seton Hill College.

In Pioneers of the Past, we honor the Sisters responsible for the establishment of one of the first Catholic colleges for women in the United States. 

Encounter a wide array of characters in the section Noteworthy Administrators, Professors, and Support Staff. As the heart of our online exhibit, you will learn more about the personal histories of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill who dedicated much of their lives to the teaching and mentoring of young minds.  Discover the Sisters of Charity through the written word, oral history excerpts, stories, and poems. We encourage you to share your favorite memories.

On the page A Legacy of Faith, Charity, and Education, review a list of over 165 Sisters of Charity who worked at the University. Help us add, amend, and update our list.

Pioneers of the Present takes a look at the living Sisters who have contributed their efforts in making Seton Hill University an outstanding institution. Throughout 2018, we will be conducting oral history interviews with our Sisters. Look for additional clips in this section.

The Gallery lets you explore images of the Sisters of Charity with students and staff at Seton Hill throughout the years.